Celebrating success: Make Amends (Shekinah) awarded Registered Service Provider and Registered Training Provider status


We are pleased to announce that Make Amends (Shekinah) have been awarded Registered Service Provider and Registered Training Provider status.

Having first been awarded the RJC’s Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM) in 2018, achieving this status demonstrates their continued commitment to delivering high quality restorative practice to nationally agreed standards.

Jim Simon, the RJC’s chief executive said:

“I would like to congratulate Make Amends (Shekinah) and their Registered Practitioners for this achievement. Being awarded Registered Status demonstrates their commitment to providing high quality, safe and effective restorative practice. Those accessing restorative justice services can be confident they will be supported by highly experienced and skilled practitioners”

Make Amends, a project of Shekinah, is commissioned by the Office for Police & Crime Commissioners (OPCC) for Devon and Cornwall to provide Restorative Justice services and support to people who have been affected by crime, conflict, anti-social behaviour or harm caused by the actions of others. 

During the registration process, the service has been independently assessed against the RJC’s Registered Service Provider Framework which sets out how restorative service providers should work.

Senior leaders and managers have implemented robust policies and procedures which enable their Practitioners to facilitate high quality, safe and effective restorative practice

RJC Registration Decision Report (Sept 21)

Senior leaders have implemented robust policies and procedures to ensure that their Registered Practitioners and volunteer practitioners facilitate high quality, safe and effective restorative practice. As part of their Service Provider Registration, six practitioners were assessed against the RJC’s Registered Practitioner Framework. The RJC and Make Amends are delighted to confirm that Aisa Withey, Rebecca Rushton and Jenna O’Connor have been awarded Advanced Registered Practitioner status. Alongside this, Charlotta Gare, Eleonora Russo and Gemma Leeming have been awarded Intermediate Registered Practitioner status. Supporting the service’s Registered Practitioners is a team of over 12 trained and dedicated volunteers.

Lucy Evans, Service Manager for Make Amends commented:

"The team continues to work incredibly hard to repair harm caused to those affected by crime. I am proud to be a part of such a passionate group of people, and to have their efforts recognised at this level is a huge achievement, both at a service and individual level"

Aisa Withey, Operational Lead for Make Amends said:

“Achieving Registered Service Provider and, for our staff, Registered practitioner Status is a really special moment for our team and our service. We will continue to deliver our safe and professional practices across Devon and Cornwall with pride."

Soo Brizell, Senior Partnership Manager for Victim Support said:

“We are delighted to be working with Make Amends who through their RJC accreditation have shown their commitment to delivering important restorative interventions to people who have been harmed by crime. High quality services are vital in helping victims of crime cope and recover, and we would like to thank Make Amends for their hard work in delivering their restorative justice service for people across our area.”

Alongside achieving Registered Service Provider status, Make Amends (Shekinah) has also been awarded Registered Training Provider status. Delivering a range of restorative training courses at all levels, the team are highly experienced in the design and delivery of bespoke training courses which offer both ‘experiential’ and ‘participative’ learning which build on developing the learner’s knowledge and skill development.

Opportunities for skills practice have been embedded throughout each course providing participants time to practice a wide range of restorative skills

RJC Registration Decision Report (Sept 21)

Delivered by RJC Registered Practitioners, the Make Amends (Shekinah) training offer has expanded beyond criminal justice with courses offering learners the opportunity to practice restorative informal restorative interventions in both formal and informal settings including schools, community groups, the workplace, and statutory services. 

Jim Simon, the RJC’s chief executive said:

“Having held the RJC’s Training Provider Quality Mark since March 2018, we were delighted that Make Amends (Shekinah) applied to be assessed against our Registered Training Provider Framework. By meeting the standards set out in our Registered Training Provider Framework, course participants and commissioners can be confident in the quality of training being provided.”

You can find out more about Make Amends by visiting their website here.

You can also contact them via email makeamends@shekinah.co.uk or by telephoning 01803 222033.