Training and Careers

Restorative practice is a rapidly expanding field and this is an exciting time to pursue a career as a restorative practitioner.

Practitioner Levels

The RJC's Practitioner levels set out the different knowledge, understanding and skills required of practitioners working at foundation, intermediate and advanced levels.

We expect that practitioners will move between levels as their experience grows.


The first step in becoming a restorative justice practitioner is quality training.

A good facilitation training course will cover the core restorative functions - assessing a case to see if it’s suitable for a restorative process, preparing participants, facilitating the restorative process and evaluation.

The course should give you plenty of opportunities to practice restorative skills (for example, through role play) and receive feedback from other participants and the trainer.

The RJC Trainers Register lists trainers that have signed up to our Code of Practice for Trainers. The majority of the trainers work on a national basis and specialise in different areas of practice.

If facilitation training is not right for you, there are other types of training available:

  • Awareness training to inform participants about restorative practice.
  • Training for managers and supervisors to help them effectively support restorative practitioners.
  • Introductory training covering the principles of restorative practice and teaching the skills to use it informally.

Training courses are advertised on the Events section of the RJC website. You can also find the latest e-learning opportunities by visiting our Online Learning webpage. 


Getting trained in restorative justice is the first step towards securing a job but you could also consider volunteering to put your skills into practice. You migh consider looking for volunteering opportunities by:

  • Getting in touch with organisations and individuals on our Service provider Register to ask about opportunities in your area.
  • Keeping an eye on our Vacancies page

Job search

Most full-time jobs in restorative justice are working for local government. Search the websites of local councils and public sector job sites such as Guardian Jobs using the term ‘restorative justice’.

Jobs in restorative practice are advertised on the Vacancies section of the RJC website. We also draw attention to vacancies on our social media channels, so follow the RJC on Facebook and Twitter.

Join the RJC

The RJC’s monthly members’ bulletin is a good way of keeping up to date with what’s going on in the field, so join as a Member to receive regular updates.

The RJC is the national standards and quality assurance body for restorative practice and is the only professional association for the field. Joining the RJC gives you exclusive member-only access to unique practitioner resources, networking opportunities, professional development events, guidance materials and dedicated support for your practice.  

Good luck with your search, and please contact the RJC if you have any further questions.