The RJC Practice Frameworks are core to ensuring quality restorative service delivery.

The RJC has developed clear, evidence-based Practice Frameworks and guidance to support the delivery of quality restorative practice and has put mechanisms in place to enable our members to demonstrate that they meet those standards.

Our Registration Frameworks and Practice Guidance have been designed to apply to all areas of restorative practice, including formal and informal processes in the workplace, education, care homes, health, the community, criminal justice and within families. We have been careful to ensure that they do not constrain practice or hamper practitioner creativity and the need for practitioners and/or services to develop and exercise their professional judgement. The Frameworks have been designed to be flexible so that they apply across different types of restorative practice without being overly prescriptive. Practice Registration is available to:

  • Practitioners
  • Service Providers
  • Restorative Organisations
  • Training Providers

The RJC's Principles of Restorative Practice form the underpinning ethical framework for restorative practice. This is reflected in our Practice Guidance for practitioners, service providers, restorative organisations and trainers which has been developed to promote the delivery of high quality restorative services to a nationally agreed standard.

RJC Membership

Practice Registration is only available to members of the RJC. Members of the RJC appear on our Members Register You can find out more about our membership options below.

RJC Practice Registration

The RJC has developed registration mechanisms to enable organisations and individuals to demonstrate they meet our Registration Frameworks.

Professional development

The RJC is committed to supporting Registered Practitioners, Service providers, Organisations and Trainers to continually develop and enhance the quality of their practice. In order to achieve this we have set out clear continued professional development criteria within our Practice Registration Frameworks. 

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Guidance and other resources

The RJC has produced resources, including our Practice Guidance, Codes of Practice and Principles of Restorative Practice that underpin and inform our Registration Frameworks and support the delivery of high quality restorative practice.

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