RJC Approved Training Courses

Whether you are just starting your restorative practitioner career or you are an experienced practitioner seeking continued professional development opportunities, selecting the right course is vital to ensuring high quality practice. Opting to undertake a course or qualification delivered by one of our Registered Training Providers .

Registered Training Providers are able to apply to have their courses or qualifications approved by the RJC at either Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced levels.

Foundation level courses include: Leadership and management training, Awareness training, Introduction to restorative practice, initial Facilitator and/or practitioner training.

Intermediate level courses include: Level 4 diploma in restorative practice, Sensitive and complex case training and other specialist practitioner courses.

Advanced level courses include: Level 5 diploma in restorative practice, undergraduate or postgraduate courses, case supervisor training and train the trainer courses.

You can use the menu below to search our Approved Course Register by provider, course level and location. You might also find our Other Events may be of interest to you.

Approved Course - Advanced Level

Designed for people already working as restorative practitioners, this postgraduate course will enable you to achieve your Restorative Justice Council UK Advanced Practitioner status while gaining a valuable academic qualification.

Areas Course Delivered: All of the UK, Online, International
Approved Course - Foundation Level

This course offers young people aged between 16 and 25 an introduction into restorative practice and mediation. By means of assisted self-appraisal and development of key skills in mediation and mentorships by developing understandings of restorative ap

Areas Course Delivered: North Yorkshire
Approved Course - Foundation Level
Delivered by: Restorative Now

This intensive three-day Restorative Practice Facilitator Training Course, also offered by way of 10 Online Modules, explores the ethos and values of Restorative Practice, its origins and application across a diversity of settings.

Areas Course Delivered: London, Online, International
Approved Course - Foundation Level

This is a practitioner training course aimed at new entrants to the world of restorative practice, it uniquely also offers opportunity to obtain a BTEC Level 3 qualification.

Areas Course Delivered: England - All Of, International
Approved Course - Foundation Level

This 4 days course provides intensive, interactive facilitator training, focusing on building an understanding of a restorative ethos and developing effective facilitation skills

Areas Course Delivered: England - All Of
Approved Course - Foundation Level
Delivered by: Salus

This dynamic 3-day training course looks at the use of restorative approaches to help promote positive relationships in a variety of settings.

Areas Course Delivered: England - All Of