Our Partners

The Restorative Justice Council is committed to building relations and co-operating with national and international organisations which support us to advance our charitable objectives. Besides working informally with other organisations from across the restorative sector both within UK and internationally, we have also developed strategic partnerships with several organisations and groups working in the field of restorative justice. These partnerships support mutual learning, create synergies in our policy related work, increase our collective visibility and provide opportunities to further advance the restorative sector.



Our strategic partnership agreement with Restorativ was signed in June 2023 and paves the way for expanding restorative practices across multiple industries. It all starts with providing a next-gen technology solution for traditional restorative justice operations across the UK.

Our joint focus is to provide a mobile-first application that is targeted at Facilitators, who are at the “coal face” of the restorative justice world. Restorativ integrates the “RJC Membership Profile” providing ease of data capture and communications with our members. Combine this with the Restorativ app, that manages cases from the palm of a facilitator’s hand, and our partnership provides the ACCESS needed to bring restorative justice into the mainstream.



The Restorative Justice Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Therapeutic Productions CIC in June 2023. The purpose of this partnership is to work in collaboration with the organisation to produce and disseminate publicly available restorative justice awareness resources through the creation of short films.   



The Restorative Justice Council has proudly supported the Restorative Justice All-Party Parliamentary Group since its formation in April 2021. The group, established to drive forward cross-party conversations on restorative justice and raise awareness about its principles, is supported by a sector led Advisory Board who provide strategic counsel and support, along with contributions towards the running costs of the APPG. Our CEO has held the position of Chair of the Advisory Board since April 2021.



The Restorative Justice Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Network of restorative practitioners in mental health in 2020. The purpose of this network is to create a space where we can bring together the mental health practitioner community, criminal justice agencies and the restorative justice practitioner community for productive dialogue to advance the use of restorative justice within mental health settings.


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