Practitioner Registration Framework

This Framework sets out how people in the restorative practice field should work. It puts the values of restoration, impartiality, safety and empowerment at the heart of practitioner casework. The Framework is broken into three performance indicators with each indicator relating to a specific aspect of restorative practice:

  • core training and knowledge
  • delivering restorative practice
  • maintaining professional standards

Each indicator consists of a number of standards which outline the requirements in terms of skills, knowledge and application. For each standard there is a list of indicators that practitioners are required to evidence.

The standards are intended to be discrete and cumulative, with each level building on the levels below – for example, a person demonstrating a competency at Advanced Practitioner level should be demonstrating Intermediate and Foundation levels as a matter of course.

1 - Core training and knowledge

1.1 - Completing core training

1.2 - Understanding and applying restorative practice principles, legislation and standards

2 - Delivering restorative practice

2.1 - Initial engagement with potential participants

2.2 - Risk and safety assessment

2.3 - Preparing participants

2.4 - Delivering restorative practice

2.5 - Co-working

2.6 - Facilitating and monitoring agreed outcomes

2.7 - Follow up support and evaluation

3 - Maintaining professional standards 

3.1 - Adhering to the RJC’s Practitioner Code of Practice

3.2 - Commitment to and evidence of continued professional development 

Practitioner Registration Levels

The Framework is for all restorative practitioners and can be equally applied to those new to the field and those with extensive experience. To make the Framework inclusive it consists of three levels that reflect the different knowledge, understanding and skills held by foundation level practitioners, intermediate practitioners and advanced practitioners.

Practitioners can apply for registration at a level commensurate with their role, level of training and practice experience as outlined below:

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