16+ Development and Evaluation Lead ( RJ Working, Cornwall)

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26 July 2021

The 16+ Development and Evaluation Lead ( based in Cornwall working in person and on-line) will:

  • Develop and deliver of programmes of training to 16-25 year olds and adults in Cornwall both in person and online
  • Build on opportunities with FE Colleges and universities to increase the reach of our training
  • Co-design further provision for students that will see Restorative Practice be more widely accessible for students and become part of the college or university culture with students at the forefront of leading this, providing opportunities for young people to progress their visible leadership of Restorative Practice.
  • Be the lead for evaluation at RJ Working

This is an exceptional opportunity for a dynamic,individual with drive and energy who is committed to social justice and who is keen to develop their leadership skills and experience.

RJ Working are anticipating applications from candidates from a range of sectors with differing work and life experiences. The role involves delivery of programmes and training as well as building relationships with colleges and universities to support the on-going development of a Restorative culture in their establishments. Both the two roles include development and growth responsibilities. We see the potential for the 2 appointed candidates to mutually support each other and collaborate in developing and taking on further leadership within RJ Working and contributing to  the strategic development and growth of the organisation.

RJ Working are a charitable organisation based in Cornwall with a small multi -disciplinary team of highly skilled staff whose expertise and backgrounds include education, social work, youth work, probation, arts and community activism.

The RJ Working team uses Restorative Practice to engage young people and children in better looking after themselves and each other, through innovative training and groupwork in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s schools colleges and communities. They also train adults working in the education sector to support young people taking the lead in restorative practice development

RJ Working's mission

Restorative Practice equips young people children and families with the principles language and confidence to build more compassionate and fairer communities. It's a way of encouraging creative responses to conflict and harm through understanding and valuing difference. Their mission is to support school and college communities and,most importantly,young people across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to introduce and use Restorative approaches and practice Restorative skills and knowledge. The organisation is committed to supporting young people taking the lead in Restorative Practice development, and engaging others to support their leadership.

RJ Working's vision

RJ Working believe that every child and young person deserves to learn Restorative principles and language to support them at school or college, at home in everyday life, in their communities and in their future workplace

About the post

Position | 16+ Development and Evaluation Lead

Location | Cornwall

Hours | 28 hours per week

Salary | £26,000 - £29,000 ( pro rata £19,500 - £21,750) 

Additional Benefits | 5 weeks holidays (to be taken outside of term time) and bank holidays commensurate with fractional post

Information for potential applicants

Download the full job description and application form below

Submitting your application

Please return completed application form to: deborah@rjworking.co.uk

Closing Date: 9am Wednesday 4 August 2021

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, 4 August 2021