Using restorative interventions in cases of drug dealing and supply

A question was raised by RJC member Alex Hyatt, Sussex RJ Partnership, about the difficulties in providing restorative interventions in cases of drug dealing and supply.

Alex tells us, “We are receiving a number of referrals from drug suppliers / dealers requesting to take part in a restorative process. As they are Regina Offences the Sussex Police RJ Hubs are returning the referrals without being able to progress with a restorative process. Are you, or your members aware of any work that could be done or is being done locally in Sussex? Or are you aware of any national work that is taking place regarding drug supply / dealers and restorative practices? I hate to turn people away and feel like we are missing a trick by not being able to engage an offender in some form of a restorative process.”

Do you have any examples of how restorative interventions have been, or could be, used in such cases? We would like to hear about your experiences and views, comment below or email us at