Requests for information relating to offender engagement

RJC member Helena Cryer from Lancashire Constabulary contacted us seeking guidance on best practice when receiving requests from the parole board for information related to offender engagement in restorative processes. This is an interesting topic for discussion which I am sure will have many complexities including issues surrounding GDPR and information sharing protocols.

Helena asks, “I recently approached practitioners for advice in respect of restorative justice and parole, and, when asked by probation (post restorative justice), what information facilitators should be providing with respect to an offenders engagement in a restorative intervention. I don’t believe there is any national guidance on this and we have a local response, but I was interested to hear what other providers/facilitators do with such requests.”

Is this an issue you have experienced or do you have a local response that you could share? We would like to hear about your experiences and views, comment below or email us at