Navigating the complexities of supporting participants with a mental health diagnosis

The RJC are working with the Network of Restorative Practitioners in Mental Health to develop additional practitioner guidance to support those who are facilitating restorative processes with participants who have a mental health diagnosis.

The network has been established to bring communities together to promote mental well-being and recovery for people who have experienced harm as a result of the impact of mental illness. Poor mental health takes a toll on those who suffer from it but the impact of poor mental health extends to people who are affected by the behaviour of someone with these difficulties when they commit acts that cause harm to others, be they family, partners, friends, neighbours or members of the public. It has long been the case that those who experience harm in this way, and those who cause harm as a result of their mental health difficulties, do not have access to the benefits that restorative justice can bring.

We believe that all people who have experienced harm in the context of mental health difficulties should have access to restorative justice processes. In order for this to happen, the mental health practitioner community, the criminal justice agencies and the restorative justice practitioner community need to work together more effectively to understand what is needed and how this can be enabled. The guidance we are developing will provide a valuable resource to support practitioners to understand the complexities of a mental health diagnosis and how they may need to adapt their practice. To inform the content of this publication we would like to invite you to complete a short survey. These questionnaires focus on how you currently use restorative practice within your setting, your experience of facilitating cases with participants who have a mental health diagnosis and what additional guidance you feel would be beneficial.

If you currently work in an inpatient or community health service, please use the link below to access the survey.

Inpatient and Community Mental Health Services

For practitioners working in other settings, please access the survey using the link below.

Other Restorative Practice Services

For more information about the Network of Restorative Practitioners in Mental Health CLICK HERE