Restorative Organisation Registration Framework

This Framework sets out how a restorative organisation should work. We have been careful to ensure that it does not constrain practice or hamper creativity and the need for services to develop and exercise their professional judgement. This Framework has been designed to be flexible so that it applies across different types of restorative practice without being overly prescriptive.  

The Framework is broken into six performance indicators with each indicator consisting of a number of standards which outline the requirements organisations are required to evidence.

1 - Leadership

1.1 - Building a restorative community

1.2 - Embedding restorative practice within strategic and operational planning

1.3 - Processes are in place to evaluate the impact of restorative practice

2 - Policies and Procedures

2.1 - Organisational policies and procedures promote safe and effective practice

2.2 - Arrangements are in place to ensure compliance with organisational policies and procedures

2.3 - Arrangements are in place for reviewing organisational policies and procedures

3 - Training and development

3.1 - Staff are trained to a level commensurate with their role 

3.2 - Restorative practice is included within the organisation’s induction procedures

3.3 - Organisational commitment to continued professional development

4 - Support and supervision

4.1 - Provide opportunities for practice supervision

4.2 - Provide practitioners with line and performance management opportunities

5 - Delivering indirect and informal restorative practice*

5.1 - Identifying appropriate restorative interventions

5.2 - Risk and safety assessment

5.3 - Preparing participants

5.4 - Facilitating indirect and informal restorative practice

5.5 - Facilitating and monitoring agreed outcomes

6 - Maintaining professional standards

6.1 - Adhering to the RJC’s Organisation Code of Practice

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