Keeping children in care out of trouble – consultation response

The RJC has submitted a response to an independent review, chaired by Lord Laming and established by the Prison Reform Trust, to consider why looked after children are more likely than other children in England and Wales to get involved with the criminal justice system. The review aims to determine what can be done to help more children in care stay out of trouble.

The RJC would like restorative justice to be used increasingly as a diversionary measure with children in care who display challenging behaviour. The following recommendations have been made as part of the submission:

  • Restorative practice should be implemented in care homes to deal with conflict in the home.
  • Each care home in England and Wales should be formally linked to their local police and youth offending teams. This would allow restorative approaches to be used as an alternative to formal criminal proceedings in cases of seriously bad behaviour.
  • Foster carers should be trained in restorative practice followed by an evaluation to determine impact in this area.

The full response can be downloaded here.

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Criminal justice, Early intervention, Youth justice
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