New RJC publication: Restorative justice and prisons – a report for governors

node leader
28 March 2017

The RJC is pleased to announce the publication of a guide for prison governors on delivering restorative justice.

At a time when the prison reform programme is giving prison governors greater autonomy, the report makes the case for why prisons should be offering restorative justice. It then provides a comprehensive, evidence-based guide for a prison on how to enable prisoners to access restorative justice and on how to run a restorative justice service.

Based on a review of existing work in the area, visits to prisons offering restorative justice, roundtables with staff from over 60 prisons and work with an expert group, the recommendations in the report outline the key requirements for an effective restorative justice service. The report will be sent to the governor of every prison in England and Wales.

Jon Collins, the RJC’s chief executive, said: “Restorative justice can make a significant difference to reoffending, and help prisoners and their victims to move on from the crime. There is therefore a very strong case for all prison governors to make restorative justice available to prisoners, and to their victims.

“We would like to see restorative justice being made more widely available across the prison estate. This report provides governors with the information they need to ensure that every prisoner can access high quality restorative justice, reducing their likelihood of reoffending and therefore helping the prison to succeed.”

You can access and download the report here.