Broadmoor Hospital awarded the RSQM

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27 June 2019

Broadmoor Hospital has achieved the RJC’s Restorative Service Quality Mark in recognition of the high quality of its restorative service.

Broadmoor Hospital is one of three high-security psychiatric hospitals in England, treating people with mental illness and personality disorders who represent a high risk to themselves or to others.

The hospital has a long tradition of seeking to work constructively to address harm. It has embedded restorative principles in all its wards, offers restorative conferences to those who have been harmed, and provides restorative training for all its staff.

Jim Simon, chief executive of the RJC, said:

“Congratulations to Broadmoor Hospital on achieving the Restorative Service Quality Mark. Safe and effective restorative practice can play a crucial role in addressing harm and helping people to recover in complex settings such as a forensic mental health hospital. This award demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to delivering high quality restorative approaches with its staff and patients.”

The RSQM is a badge of quality that guarantees that a service provides safe, high quality restorative practice which meets the six Restorative Service Standards. Broadmoor Hospital joins other RSQM awardees – in sectors ranging from criminal justice through education to care – delivering high quality restorative processes.

Dr Estelle Moore, head of psychological services at Broadmoor Hospital said:

“We were absolutely delighted to learn that we passed the RSQM. It was a useful and thought-provoking process which will enhance our service delivery. Over the last 6 years we have hugely valued the training, support and guidance of our RJC connections in skilling members of our workforce to be able to offer restorative practices as part of our provision of care and treatment.”