Whole School Restorative Approach Training


Whole School Restorative Approach Training

Good relationships need to be at the heart of everything a school does, if effective teaching and learning are to take place.”


A Restorative school culture is one which is responsive to the needs of its members and fosters a sense of significance and belonging in each. At its heart, it defaults to dialogue when situations of relationship stress and harm occur.

Cultures of schools which value this open dialogue, foster respect and agency across the staff, student and parents groups and are aware of the negative impact commonly experienced in cultures which favour authoritarian responses to behaviour causing harm.

Restorative Now training and implementation with school communities focuses on the harnessing of the SLT vision for their school and the delivery of INSETs and specialist staff workshops covering:

  • the essence of a Restorative culture
  • the perspective of unmet needs driving behaviour
  • the developmental impact of trauma and shame
  • the links to the mind-set theory of learning
  • the artful use of Restorative Enquiry to grow engagement across the school community

Additionally, opportunities exist for seminars with parents and governors, the training of Peer Mentors, the delivery of assemblies and ongoing coaching support with implementation. This additional support with culture change includes scrutiny of current policies which relate to behaviour management and how this defines responses to situations.

At Restorative Now we view restorative practice as an inclusive approach to relationship building, valuing the voice of the other and the collective responsibility of the group for the wellbeing of every member of the school community. This approach to community building uses restorative enquiry to grow engagement and learning, leading to successful outcomes which include increased attendance, reduction in exclusion rates and less incidents of harmful behaviour.

This training is suitable for any educational establishment regardless of their knowledge or experience of restorative practice.

This whole school approach will give you the language and skills to implement effective practice across the whole school community to build a restorative culture which achieves positive relationships and improves learning.

The package includes:

  • A consultation with the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Manager’s Workshop (3 hours) looking at culture change and strategic considerations.
  • Staff Workshop (3 hours) for all staff where they will gain an understanding of why the restorative approach is so effective and how to use it.
  • Role specific training workshop (2 hours). This may be suitable for pastoral leads, midday supervisors or other support staff.
  • Peer Listener training (5 hours) for up to 20 pupils/students.
  • A Parents and Governors briefing (1 hour).
  • Coaching to deliver a whole school briefing via an assembly, or equivalent.
  • 2 places on the Enhanced Facilitator training (see our Facilitator training course for further information on this).

Times and dates for training can be arranged according to your organisation’s schedule.


Course Costs

Fees: £4,200 + VAT


For further information:

Contact: Janine Carroll, Director
Email: janine@restorativenow.com
Address: Radius House, 51 Clarendon Road, Watford, WD17 1HP
Tel: 07553 820887
For a full list of courses visit: http://restorativenow.com/training/

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