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Ministry of Justice will not rule out cases for restorative justice

3 July 2012

In the Government response to Getting it right for victims and witnesses the Ministry of Justice has said they will not ‘define or prescribe which cases are appropriate for restorative justice.’

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RJC Launch Continuing Professional Development Workshops

7 March 2012

The Restorative Justice Council is delighted to launch our new programme of Continuing Professional Development workshops for 2012. 

Building on our hugely successful Practitioner Network Days, our new CPD workshop programme brings the learning to your area, making enhanced skills training and development accessible to practitioners across the country.

Each half day workshop, led by leading practitioners and experts, is focussed on a key issue for developing your restorative practice. These workshops will:

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Justice Minister strongly encourages practitioner registration to all criminal justice agencies

6 January 2012

Crispin Blunt MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice, has written to a wide range of partners in the criminal justice system to raise awareness of opportunities for building capacity and capability for restorative justice.

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Restorative Justice Council open letter to Crispin Blunt proposing amendments to the EC Draft Directive on Victims

15 December 2011

The RJC has proposed a series of amendments to the EC draft Directive on Victims.  Read our open letter to the Minister, Crispin Blunt MP, setting out these proposals. 

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What does the Ministry of Justice research into restorative justice tell us?

4 November 2011

The Ministry of Justice funded three pilots of restorative justice with serious offences (robbery, burglary and violent offences) including an evaluation by the University of Sheffield. This seven year, £7million research programme provides some of the most robust evidence internationally on the impact of restorative justice.

Across four reports Professor Joanna Shapland produced important findings regarding the implementation of restorative justice, victim participation, the views of victims and offenders and the impact of restorative justice on reoffending.

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88% of the public support restorative justice - new ICM/PRT polling data

15 September 2011

The results of an ICM telephone poll of 1,000 members of the public, conducted one month after the riots in England, and published by the Prison Reform Trust, show overwhelming public support for giving victims the chance to inform offenders of the harm caused and a say in how the offender can best make amends.

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New national RJC Restorative Practitioner Register launched with justice minister Crispin Blunt

13 September 2011

The Restorative Justice Council launched a new national register of restorative practitioners on Tuesday 13th September, the first of its kind internationally.

With start-up investment from the Ministry of Justice, and based on the new UK-wide National Occupational Standards in Restorative Practice, the register will provide quality assurance for the public – particularly anyone considering taking part in restorative justice – that they are being offered a safe and effective approach.

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Lawrence Kershen QC welcome address at the Launch of the Restorative Justice Council

12 January 2011

Your Royal Highness, Honoured Guests,

I would like to express sincere thanks to you for being here. It’s a very exciting day both for the RJC and the whole restorative practice movement – a coming of age. I little dreamt of this day when as a Judge I sat in Court years ago and thought “there have to be better ways of doing this”.

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HRH The Princess Royal launches the Restorative Justice Council as patron

11 January 2011

We are delighted to announce that Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal is the new patron of the Restorative Justice Council.  Her Royal Highness addressed RJC members at the launch of the new Restorative Justice Council.