Using the self-assessment tool

Our free self-assessment tool can help you determine whether you are working in line with the restorative National Occupational Standards that cover assessment, preparation, facilitation and evaluation.

At the end of the self-assessment process you will receive a free report highlighting your strengths, and any suggested areas for improvement.

You cannot start an application to achieve direct accreditation from the RJC unless you have achieved 100% in the self-assessment.

Try our self-assessment tool today.

We can help you to achieve Direct Accreditation by:

  • Discussing your online self-assessment report.
  • Providing free advice.
  • Helping you to use our online find a trainer search to identify suitable training.
  • Providing free access to accreditation materials and guidance.

Discuss your application with our standards team on 0800 994 9752 or

For more information on becoming an Accredited Practitioner read our FAQs.