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Transforming Conflict was one of the very first providers of training and consultancy in the UK in the field of restorative approaches in schools, residential care and other youth settings. The organisation was founded in 1994 by Dr Belinda Hopkins, a well-respected pioneer who developed the concept of a restorative school in her book "Just Schools" (JKP 2004). Her innovative new book "The Restorative Classroom" (Optimus 2011) takes the ideas even further - linking the teaching and learning of academic subjects with the way we teach pro-social behaviour. Belinda's passion for implementing institution-wide restorative approaches applies to residential care settings "Just Care" (JKP 2009), as well as Youth Offending Services and other environments where adults live or work with young people. Her doctoral research (2000 - 2006) was focussed on implementing such approaches in schools and will soon be published as "Just Change" (in press).

Belinda has a highly committed, experienced team of associate trainers who work with her to develop the most in-depth courses and implementation packages available. These courses can be literally life-changing - helping people to reflect on how they interact with others on a daily basis and how they manage their own personal and professional conflicts and challenges with family, friends and colleagues as well as clients. From this highly generic universal base the courses develop facilitation skills for mediation, conferencing, circle process and family group conferencing, depending on your needs.

Discounts for RJC members on Transforming Conflict training are available.

Belinda is a member of the RJC's Standards and Accreditation Committee.

Contact: Belinda Hopkins, Managing Director
Address: Transforming Conflict, Mortimer Hill, Mortimer, RG7 3PW
Tel: 0118 9331 520

Service areas:

Criminal Justice, Education, Sensitive and Complex, Workplace, Youth Justice, Community

Membership Type: TPQM Holder