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Thorsborne and Associates

...strengthening connections between people: putting relationships at the heart of your organisation's success...

Who are we?

Thorsborne and Associates is an international consultancy providing outstanding restorative services to schools, communities and workplaces.The UK team are highly experienced trainers/facilitators - all RJC-accredited practitioners - with current, extensive knowledge of schools, local authorities and voluntary/community sectors. The international work of our parent company and our own links with current UK research mean we are at the cutting edge of developments in restorative practice.

How do we work?

We work collaboratively with organisations to identify and address needs within existing aims and priorities. We develop high trust, positive relationships, through transparent processes underpinned by our core values of integrity, reliability and exceptional service delivery.

What do we offer?

We offer tailored professional development, support and restorative conference facilitation.

We are experienced trainers with a deep knowledge of learning who pride ourselves on delivering high quality, engaging and thought-provoking sessions.These sessions range from introductory briefings to full restorative conference facilitator training (three days) that cover philosophy, theory and practice.

We have direct knowledge and experience of the restorative change process, and of successfully coaching others leading change.We offer intelligent, well-grounded support to organisations wishing to introduce, implement or embed restorative practice.

We have a successful track record in working restoratively to resolve a wide range of conflict in schools and workplaces. We offer a conference facilitation service as well as support in this area to trained practitioners.

Thosborne and Associates offer discounts to RJC members for their events.

Tel: 07740 948053

Service areas:

Education, Workplace, Youth Justice, Community

Membership Type: Trainers