The Mint House, Oxford Centre for Restorative Practice,

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The Mint House, Oxford Centre for Restorative Practice, was set up as an independent charity in 2017. The centre aims to raise awareness of, and access to, restorative practice across a range of settings. We do this through a mix of communications, events, network/partnership building, research, consultancy and training. This includes working with institutions who are interested in embedding restorative practice into their organisation culture, offering advice and support.

Much of our current training delivery is to children and families workforce, commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council. In addition, we offer bespoke training to organisations working with children and families, including schools and other agencies and training for colleagues working in Higher Education. Any bespoke training provided would include a process of consultation to ensure that it meets needs of the organisation.

You can find details of other courses we are running on our website.

Contact: Jo Brown (lead trainer)

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Phone: 07512144642