AIM Project


The AIM Project is a registered charity with the objective of developing and supporting the understanding and practice of professionals working with children, young people and their families where there are concerns about problematic or harmful sexual behaviour through the provision of advice, information, training and practice guidance and frameworks. As such AIM has been a pioneering project in the field of restorative practice in cases of Harmful Sexual Behaviour and based its training and guidance/assessment frameworks on its own practice experience and the most recent research in the field. AIM offers practitioners tools, training, frameworks and guidance in order for them to deliver safe and appropriate restorative practice in Harmful Sexual Behaviour cases.AIM has been a longstanding partner of the RJC, running in conjunction with them a number of training events/conferences in relation to Restorative Practice and Harmful Sexual Behaviour(HSB). AIM has also contributed on a national and international platform to the development and revision of restorative practice standards in cases deemed to be 'Sensitive and Complex'. As such it has a wide experience of training restorative practitioners in the UK, Norway, Republic of Ireland and Italy. The AIM project jointly ran the 2017 European Forum for RJ summer school on RJ in cases of serious crime. AIM Restorative training is linked to AIM Project Best Restorative Practice in Cases of HSB Guidance Publication 3rd edition available in spring 2020

Service areas:

Community, Health, Sensitive and Complex, Training, Youth Justice

Membership Type: Trainers (L)