The RJC Training Provider Quality Mark

The Training Provider Quality Mark (TPQM) is a quality mark for restorative training providers.

The TPQM: 

  • Enables training providers to show that they have been externally recognised.
  • Gives commissioners confidence in the training delivered by TPQM holders. 
  • Enables providers to market their restorative training service in a competitive field.
  • Increases learner confidence in the training delivered by TPQM providers
  • Demonstrates to learners and employers that TPQM providers meet national standards in restorative training delivery.

A training provider may apply for the TPQM if it is listed on the RJC Trainers Register and delivers at least one restorative facilitation training course per year.

The following resources are designed to help you through the TPQM application process. The supporting information document should be read first in order to provide you with the information you need to apply and to guide you through the other documents: 

If you have any questions, please contact the RJC standards team at

The TPQM was piloted as the RJC Training Approval Scheme which focused on training courses. A full list of the courses which were awarded the TAS is available here