Restorative Thinking at Work e-Learning CPD


Restorative Thinking at Work e-Learning CPD: An e-Learning course to introduce restorative and relational practice in the workplace.


Restorative Thinking at Work is for workers and leaders in social care, healthcare, housing, community services, education, voluntary work and care sectors, private companies and those people managing the well being of their team/s.

In the current climate, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed/is changing when and how we work.  Many of us are responding to changing work patterns and how we feel about them.  Work styles have temporarily or permanently changed for many people and we now see:

  • an increase in home working, including home working burnout and homeworking relief
  • some people experiencing feelings of isolation and others enjoying solitary working
  • some people returning to a workplace with their working relationships in need of being re-defined/re-developed
  • a move from more flexible hours to more regular hours, and vice versa
  • the possibility of further local physical distancing restrictions
  • goggle eyes from virtual meetings, meetings, meetings

Left unchecked, this could lead to:

  • Heightened anxiety and poor mental health, leading to an in increase in staff absence and resignations;
  • An increase in the number of Complaints and Grievances;
  • Decreasing outputs;
  • Lowering levels of confidence and growing levels of ‘imposter syndrome’.

Restorative Thinking at Work presents key principles and skills that will help individuals and teams to navigate both the certainty and uncertainty ahead by putting relationships first and providing some techniques for helping to foster/nurture/develop positive working relationships.

Here’s a short video from the course, exploring:  What is Restorative Practice?

This CPD course is an introduction to restorative practice, with a focus on:

  • Introducing restorative practice principles and skills to develop a shared ethos within and between teams and across organisations;
  • Exploring how to draw on restorative practice at work: techniques for helping to foster/nurture/develop positive working relationships;
  • Strategies for positive mental health and well being; taking care of ourselves and others, with new strategies from Georgia Twigg, Occupational Therapist (specialist in mental health), University of Hertfordshire.

There are flexible ways for work teams to access this e-Learning CPD, with the option of 1:1 coaching sessions with service leaders, small group coaching sessions with SLT and regular zoom training and coaching sessions with staff across services, to help embed the learning from the e-Learning course.


Accessing this e-learning

This is a rolling programme which you can start at anytime, please contact Restorative Thinking to discuss your requirements

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