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'Restorative Practice and the Return to School' e-Learning CPD to support the transition back to school



In March 2020, we went into isolation and all schools closed for an unknown period of time. For the team here at Restorative Thinking, this meant postponing all our face to face training with schools and all our programme delivery with parents and students.

We spent the first 3 weeks:

  • Holding online video meetings to help schools (and ourselves!) consider the new territory; this helped us all to process what it meant for each of us working from home/spending more time with family members/ spending more time alone.
  • Writing blogs to explain how to draw on restorative practice to support these new circumstances: ACCESS OUR BLOG
  • We wrote and published our first digital programme - for all families affected by the isolation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and is freely available HERE

As weeks passed by in isolation, and as we all started to adjust to the ‘new normal’, it became apparent to the team here at Restorative Thinking that we needed to focus on how to support the transition back to school, specifically:

  • How can restorative practice prepare staff and students to return to a culture of teaching and learning?
  • How can restorative practice deliberately make time and space for everyone in the school community to process what’s happened (individual experiences)?
  • How can restorative practice take care of staff, student and parent/carer mental health and well-being now and in the coming months?

We decided to share our understanding and confidence in restorative practice to support schools through this transition, and we asked three of the schools we work with in Liverpool to contribute their own insights to making restorative practice work.

Our 'Restorative Practice and the Return to School' e-Learning CPD focuses on:

  • Allowing staff, students and parents to process what’s happened/is happening following a period of self-isolation;
  • Drawing on RP processes to support positive mental health over the coming weeks and months

Our e-Learning CPD course includes:

1.5 hours of interactive learning, including insights, videos, quizzes and downloadable resources for immediate use in the classroom and staffroom, with support with our team via e-mail, telephone, video call.




£450 per school for access to the course for one year

Accessing this e-learning

This is a rolling programme which you can start at anytime, please contact Restorative Thinking to discuss your requirements

Booking Details

Contact: Mrs Lesley Parkinson



Restorative Thinking is currently developing a suite of e-Learning CPD and training programmes, so please watch this space!