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Restorative Engagement Forum offer a 3-day (non-consecutive) training programme in Restorative Practice which includes Level 1 Restorative Justice facilitator training, training in restorative circles and a host of other skills to build a restorative toolkit that can be instantly applied.
They are also offer Complex and Sensitive Restorative Justice training remotely and have a series of films and worksheets available.

Their accredited training courses have been delivered across all sectors; criminal justice, health, education and business. They specialise in blending a host of disciplines and translating them into a practical and straightforward toolkit. It is often called the "common sense course" and has been described as "life-changing" by many participants. The programme is not held on consecutive days; this gives the participants reflection time and the opportunity to practice the skills before embarking on the next step. The course gives the skills to 'be' restorative - expressing ourselves, working with others, holding conversations to support others in resolving difficulty and holding restorative circles in all manner of situations.

Charlotte has delivered restorative workshops at the UN, TEDGlobal and for the Justice Select Committee. Charlotte's courses are award-winning, winning amongst others, the Howard League Award for Restorative Approaches in 2016



Please contact Restorative Engagement Forum for course fees. [Fees are dependent on whether you are joining as a group or individual.]

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