Restorative justice and Titan prisons

Following Lord Carter's review of the prison system, the government has accepted his proposals to construct three Titan class prisons which would hold up to 2,500 prisoners each and represent five medium-sized prisons each.

Engaging Communities in Criminal Justice – RJC response

The RJC's response to Engaging Communities in Criminal Justice from July 2009.

The Business Case for Restorative Justice and Policing

Written by assistant chief constable Garry Shewan, Association of Chief Police Officers lead on restorative and community justice.

Victims' justice?

In November 2010, the RJC and Victim Support presented the case for restorative justice to justice minister Crispin Blunt. The RJC and Victim Support highlighted how restorative justice empowers victims by putting them at the heart of society's response to crime. 

Lewisham anti-bullying policy and guidance for organisations working with children and young people

Lewisham's anti-bullying policy provides an example of how local authorities and schools can implement restorative approaches as part of a whole school response to bullying.

A new way of Doing Justice – RJC response to Breaking the Cycle green paper

Restorative justice is, quite simply, better justice. It has the potential to transform our justice system by enabling people to 'Do Justice' themselves, rather than simply having it done to them, by:

A Review of the Youth Justice System in Northern Ireland

This report by the Department of Justice Northern Ireland found that restorative justice youth conferences offer an inclusive, problem-solving and forward-looking response to offending, in which the victim plays an important role.

RJC Schools Briefing December 2011

The use of restorative justice in schools has shown that when used as part of a school’s discipline system, it enables pupils to be accountable and promotes responsible citizenship.

Letter from justice minister highlighting restorative justice training and registration opportunities

In 2011, Crispin Blunt MP, parliamentary under-secretary of state for justice, wrote to a wide range of partners in the criminal justice system to raise awareness of opportunities for building capacity and capability for restorative justice.

RJC proposed amendments to the EC draft Directive on Victims

In 2011, the Restorative Justice Council (RJC) proposed a series of amendments to the EC draft Directive on Victims.