Meeting the challenges of introducing victim-offender mediation in Central and Eastern Europe

This report summarises the results of the AGIS project on meeting the challenges of introducing victim-offender mediation in Central and Eastern Europe (JAI/2003/AGIS/088) that the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice coordinated between December 2003 and November

Developing Restorative Practices in Latin America by Lynette Parker

With high prison populations, high crime rates, and low confidence in the judicial system, many Latin American countries are looking to restorative justice as a path of justice reform.

Restorative Justice Approaches in the Context of Environmental Prosecution

This 2005 report by John Verry, Felicity Heffernan and Richard Fisher highlights the potential for restorative justice to be used in environmental prosecution.

Restorative Conferencing Reduces Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms

A controlled study on the effects of restorative conferencing on victims of crime has shown that it reduces post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Best Practice Guidance for Restorative Justice Practitioners and their Case Supervisors and Line Managers (Scotland)

All those who participate in restorative justice deserve to have access to the highest quality of service available.

Restorative Justice and Work-Related Death

These three reports, compiled by Dr Derek Brookes, explore whether restorative justice can both contribute to workplace safety and help heal bereaved families after work-related deaths better than the traditional system.

National Commission on Restorative Justice final report – Ireland

The National Commission on Restorative Justice, established in March 2007 to consider the application of restorative justice and to make recommendations as to its potential wider application in Ireland, published its final report in December 2009.

Restorative Justice in Prison – MEREPS report

This document, published in 2012 by, discusses the use of restorative justice in the prison setting in several European countries.

A summary of policy developments

Notes from the Restorative Justice Consortium covering September 2001 to July 2009.

Lord Justice Auld's Review of the Criminal Courts of England and Wales – RJC response

The RJC's response to Lord Justice Auld's Review of the Criminal Courts of England and Wales from January 2002.