Ministry of Justice report on Neighbourhood Justice Panels

In 2014 the Ministry of Justice published a report on the use of Neighbourhood Justice Panels (NJPs) in 15 test areas in England and Wales over two years.

International research adds new evidence that restorative justice reduces reoffending

2008-2011 research conducted by the New Zealand Ministry of Justice has found that offenders who take part in restorative justice conferences have lower reoffending rates than comparable offenders who did not take part in conferences.

Restorative Thinking toolkits for restorative practice in schools

Restorative Thinking have launched two toolkits for delivering restorative practice with primary and secondary school pupils. 

MoJ pre-sentence guidance published

The Ministry of Justice has issued guidance today on the use of pre-sentence restorative justice (RJ).

Innovative justice responses to sexual offending

In May 2014, the Centre for Innovative Justice, a department within RMIT University in Australia, published a major report which recommends the use of restorative justice in cases of sexual offending.

Research into Restorative Justice in Custodial Settings

Marian Liebmann and Stephanie Braithwaite undertook a survey of restorative justice in custodial settings for the Restorative Justice Working Group in Northern Ireland in May 1999. 

An Exploratory Evaluation of Restorative Justice Schemes

In September 2001, the Home Office released two studies on the use of restorative justice.

Proceed with caution: an evaluation of the Thames Valley Police initiative in restorative cautioning

The evaluation of the Thames Valley Police restorative cautioning scheme, carried out by Oxford University (funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation) and published in May 2002, found that:

Introducing Restorative Justice To The Police Complaints System: Close Encounters Of The Rare Kind

By Roderick Hill, Karen Cooper, Carolyn Hoyle and Richard Young. Oxford University Centre for Criminological Research Occasional Paper No. 20. (2003)

Ministry of Justice evaluation: implementing restorative justice schemes (Crime Reduction Programme) first year report

This is the first year report of Home Office-funded pilot studies of three restorative justice projects.