Monthly Bulletin - December 2021

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Restorative Justice Applications in Mental Health Settings - Pathways to Recovery and Restitution

Author | Drennan, G (2018).  Restorative justice applications in mental health settings – pathways to recovery and restitution. In J. Adlam, T. Kluttig & B. X.

Monthly Bulletin - November 2021

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Restorative Justice Week 2021 Communication Resources

Restorative netWorks – bridging divides & strengthening communities

In 2021 the RJC highlights the potential for restorative justice to bridge divides and strengthening communities as the key theme of the Restorative Justice Week 2021 (#RJWeek). 

Monthly Bulletin - October 2021

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Resolution #70 Autumn 2021

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A critical analysis of whether skills sharing sessions enhance restorative practices within Gloucestershire

Author | Allen, Benedict, 2020

Monthly Bulletin - September 2021

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APPG Inquiry Report 2021

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Restorative Justice have published the report of their inaugural Inquiry which took place over the summer 2021.

Monthly Bulletin - August 21

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