Shad's story

After a vicious attack Shad was left with horrific injuries and had to take part in two traumatic court hearings. Here, Shad reveals how his experience with restorative justice helped him through the ordeal, and what led him to film his own meeting to help others.

Eileen's story

When her daughter was targeted by local youths, Eileen knew that a face to face meeting was the only way to make them understand the hurt they were causing. 

Tania's story

When Tania* was robbed on a busy street, her confidence was destroyed. She talks about why she decided to take part in a restorative justice conference with her mugger, and what it gave her back.

Viv's story

When Viv and her husband were burgled, it came at a particularly difficult time. But one of her first thoughts was how committing the crime would affect the young offender's life. Viv explains how her determination to help this young man to turn his life around has made such an impact.  

Jazz Hands – Restorative approaches at St Richard's CE Primary School

Jazz Hands is a filmed reconstruction of an incident where three primary school girls fall out in the playground over a dance routine. The headteacher uses an informal approach in the playground to resolve the situation.

David's story

When David's son Adam died from injuries sustained when he tried to stop a fight, the family knew they had to do something positive to cope with their grief. This is their story.