Celine's story

Celine’s* mother was killed when the car she was travelling in was hit in a head-on collision. The driver who caused the accident was convicted of death by dangerous driving and sent to prison for three and a half years.

Laura's story

Accounts of child abuse are depressingly familiar, as are the life-long effects it can have on its survivors. Here, Laura explains how facing her abuser empowered her and enabled her to move on with her life.

Nick's story

Nick spent 16 years learning to live with the killing of his twin brother, Simon. Here, he talks about how restorative justice helped him to stop feeling like a victim. 

Annabel's story

Annabel didn’t realise how much being burgled had affected her until she came face to face with the young offender. Here, she talks about how restorative justice helped her to feel like her house was a home again.

Liam and Jake's story

Liam and Jake* were teammates at a local football club, so when Jake harmed Liam after a training session, restorative justice provided a way for them both to move forward.

Jason's story

Jason was convicted of possession of a firearm and armed robbery and sentenced to five years at HMP & YOI Feltham. During his sentence he met the victims of his crime in a restorative justice conference. Here, Jason explains how restorative justice helped him to understand the impact of his crime and move on with his life after prison.

Lucy's story

Lucy* lives in Northamptonshire with her three sons, one of whom needs full time care because of a disability. One night, someone broke into her house while she was asleep and stole her keys. When her oldest son returned home from a night out, her car was gone. She explains how restorative justice helped her to put her mind at rest about what happened. 

Susan's story

Susan is a restorative justice facilitator. When her bike was stolen, she was given the opportunity to experience a restorative justice conference from an entirely new perspective.

Restorative learning - Carr Manor Community School

An article from Resolution 52 about Carr Manor Community School.

Ray and Vi's story

In May 2001, Christopher Donovan and his brother Philip were on a night out together when they were attacked by a gang of youths. Philip was beaten unconscious, and when Christopher tried to help him, he was pulled to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the head. He was then left unconscious in the middle of a four-lane road, where he was hit by a car and dragged for forty feet.