Letter from our patron HRH The Princess Royal

A letter from our patron HRH The Princess Royal, first published in the RJC's Resolution magazine, issue 64. 

Vaughan's story

Vaughan was sexually abused by a family friend when he was a child. Here he explains how restorative justice changed how he sees himself and helped him move on. 

Resolution #63 Autumn 2018

Demi and Lauren's story

Demi was left badly hurt after she was attacked by Lauren, following a fight Demi was in with a mutual friend. Here, Demi and Lauren explain how restorative justice brought them together to repair the damage done that day.

Eddie's story

When Eddie was assaulted by a boy he knew, it had a long-term impact on his health, his wellbeing and his family. Here, he describes how restorative justice helped him get his confidence back.

Daniel's story

Daniel became the victim of anti-Semitic hate crime while out walking in his local area. Here he explains how restorative justice enabled him to tell the offender exactly how the crime had impacted on him.

Alli’s story

When Alli’s house was burgled, losing irreplaceable memories of her mother left her distraught and with unanswered questions. Here, she explains how restorative justice gave her the chance to tell the offender how much he’d hurt her so that she could move on with her life.

Emma's story

Emma's story makes harrowing reading. After leaving an abusive relationship, she was abducted and raped by her former partner. Here, she talks about how restorative justice helped her to regain control and rebuild her life after the attack.

Luke’s story

Luke confronted a group of young people after they threw stones at his scooter while he was out delivering pizzas. Here he explains how restorative justice enabled him to have a positive impact on the life of one of his attackers by getting him to consider to implications of his actions. 

Waseem's Story

After an armed robbery at his home, Waseem was left feeling scared and vulnerable. But when Waseem discovered that the offenders were teenagers, his anger turned into a need to find out why they had done it. Here, he talks about how restorative justice allowed him to get answers to his questions.