RJC Conference 2020 - Speaker Presentations

Download copies of our speaker presentations from the RJC's 2020 Conference - Reform: Restore

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Presentation topics include:

  • AARJ Winter 2020 review of practice - Dr David Moore
  • Corporate harm (Restorative Solutions) - Tony Walker
  • EMRJ Briefing Series - Oprea & Purewal
  • Exploring forensic hospital care through a restorative lense - Dr Estelle Moore
  • Holding circles - Arti Mohan
  • A critical look at restorative justice provision in LLR - Oprea & Purewal
  • Victim-offender mediation and legitimation of the process - Konstantinos Panagos
  • Reflections on RJ-SJ allignment - Dr Ernest Quimby
  • Restorative justice as social justice - Dr Belinda Hopkins
  • Responding to hate crime - Professor Mark Walters
  • Restorative practice in Aster - Julie Potts
  • Just an optional extra in the victim toolkit? - Dr Rebecca Banwell-Moore
  • Using restorative justice with LGBTI Hate Crime (Why Me?) - Linda Millington
  • The rise of restorative cities - Dr Marian Liebmann
  • Hate Crime and RJ - Dr Marian Liebmann
Resource themes: 
Community, Criminal justice, Early intervention, Education, Health, Housing, International, Mental health, Neighbourhood justice, Offenders, Police, Prison, Probation, Sensitive and complex, Victims, Workplace, Youth justice
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