RJC Conference 2019 - Speaker Presentations

Download copies of our speaker presentations from the RJC's 2019 Conference - Beyond the Mainstream

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Presentation topics include:

  • Restorative Justice - Exploring victims' experiences from offer to outcome - Rebecca Banwell-Moor, University of Sheffield
  • Restorative Justice in Lancashire - Philip Cawley
  • Tackling demand and stimulating culture change through restorative policing - Dr Kerry Clamp, Nottingham University
  • Restorative practices in forensic mentl health services - Dr Andy Cook
  • Piloting a restorative ward in a low-secure forensic service - Dr Sarah Cooper
  • Restorative Lawyering - Jonathan Doak, Nottingham Trent University
  • Restorative Justice in dialogue - Dr Gerard Drennan
  • Reducing reoffending and improving life chances - Durham Constabulary
  • Restorative practices knowledge exchange - Jon Hobson & Richard Hester, Gloucestershire University & Brian Payne, Ulster University
  • Access to Justice: Hate Crime and Restorative Justice - Lucy Jaffe - Why Me?
  • Restorative Approaches in a Higher Education Context - Nicola Preston
  • Victims of Domestic Violence, Their Justice Needs and the Odds of a Restorative Way Forward - Dr Fernanda Fonseca Rosenblatt
  • Red Teaming Restorative Practices into Forensic Mental Health Services - Dr James Tapp
  • The dramatic dimensions of restorative justice - Chris Birkbeck & Greg Smith, University of Salford
  • Creating mental space for health based practices - Finlay Wood, SLAM
Resource themes: 
Criminal justice, Early intervention, Education, Health, International, Mental health, Offenders, Police, Sensitive and complex, Victims
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