Restorative Thinking: A restorative justice interactive toolkit for working with offenders

This toolkit has been written and developed with prison and probation trust colleagues. It is an excellent preparatory tool for offenders who will meet their victim/s through a restorative conference, and is used as a line of communication between the victim and offender (with the consent of the victim) when a restorative conference will not take place.

Probation Local Delivery Units deliver the toolkit as a Specified Activity Requirement.

The programme is flexible enough to meet the needs of different populations and complements OLASS 4 contract specifications in terms of 'real world' embedded learning and improving employability skills. This means training and delivery can either be incorporated into OLASS delivery or be delivered as a stand-alone offending behaviour intervention.

Visit Restorative Thinking's website to track developments and evaluation of the programme.

For more information about the toolkit, contact Lesley Parkinson at or on 01772 742353 or 07722 232975.

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