Restorative justice and policing information pack

The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) has developed an information pack to assist police forces in their provision of high quality restorative justice.

Building confidence in justice and meeting the needs of victims are central to the role of the police. Restorative justice can help to deliver this. The information pack is suitable for all forces, from those hoping to introduce restorative justice to those who have extensive experience and wish to ensure that their use of restorative justice is carried out to the highest standards.

The pack provides an overview of key aspects of restorative justice in relation to policing, including useful facts, questions and answers, and accounts of restorative justice in action. There are also articles on implementing restorative justice in a police force, training and restorative justice on the ground.

Ellie Acton, national restorative justice manager (Association of Chief Police Officers), said: "I hope this information pack will enable stakeholders to be clear as to what restorative justice is and the practicality of its application at any stage of the criminal justice process. This clarity will better enable the police to harness the great benefits this approach can bring to victims, offenders and communities through effective and positive communication.

"I would like to see managers within organisations using the information pack to better inform their understanding and support their practitioner staff. Ultimately I would like to see the information pack assist with supporting a better provision for those who wish to participate in restorative justice in the future."

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Community, Police
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