Restorative Justice and Harmful Sexual Behaviour - A Commentary

This paper, co written by Paul Gavin, Nadia Wager, Jill Palmer, Phil Cawley, Tony Walker and Andrew Bates, provides an analysis on the implementation of restorative justice (RJ) in cases of harmful sexual behaviour. ​It explores how RJ can help address the feelings of powerlessness and betrayal experienced by victim-survivors, and highlights the positive outcomes reported by victim-survivors who have participated in RJ conferences. It also discusses the obstacles, challenges and concerns associated with RJ in cases of sexual offending, such as reactivating memories of abuse and the lack of general advocacy services for victim-survivors. ​

First Published in NOTA News, 2024

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Criminal justice, Offenders, Police, Prison, Sensitive and complex, Victims
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Case studies, Criminal Justice - Adult, Resources - Downloadable