Practitioner Code of Practice

Quality in restorative practice delivery is essential to provide the best possible chances of a successful outcome, to safeguard the wellbeing of participants and to build public and community confidence.

The RJC Practitioner Code of Practice describes the minimum standards of professional conduct and practice required by registered restorative practitioners in the delivery of high-quality restorative practice. The Code will refer to the RJCs Practitioner Registration Framework and relevant aspects of the National Occupational Standards (where applicable) to which practitioners may refer in full where necessary. 

A practitioner may not be entered onto the RJC practice register unless they confirm they adhere to this Code of Practice. The requirements of this code are mandatory for RJC registered practitioners.

Code requirements

These requirements apply to all RJC registered practitioners.

A | Practitioners must commit to work to the RJC principles of restorative practice

B | Practitioners must have completed, training in line with the level at which they are registered for. This should be delivered by an RJC registered training provider 

C | Practitioners must ensure that they undertake case supervision with an experienced case supervisor at least every 12 weeks and have a minimum of one observed practice per year

D | Practitioners must ensure that they build on initial training by undertaking Continual Professional Development (CPD) to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. Practitioners are required to demonstrated that they have completed the following hours of CPD each year:

Foundation level practitioners: 6 hours

Intermediate level practitioners: 12 hours

Advanced level practitioners: 16 hours

At least 50% of this activity must be RJC approved CPD

E | Practitioners must ensure that they have a good understanding of the RJC practice guidance and how it applies to their role

F | Practitioners must not undertake sensitive and complex cases unless they have the skills, experience and knowledge to do so. A practitioner must be at either intermediate (with support) or advanced level to conduct sensitive and complex cases with regular supervision

G | Practitioners must not act in any case where there is a conflict of interest

H | Practitioners must comply with reasonable requests for information from the RJC within a reasonable timeframe

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