International Restorative Justice Week 2016 - RJC Films

Below you will find all six RJC films released during International Restorative Justice Week 2016.

The RJC would like to thank Nick, Paula, Jason, Annabel, Anna, Emma and Ruth for sharing their stories with us. 

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Nick's Story 

Warning: this content describes serious violence that some viewers may find distressing.

Nick spent 16 years learning to live with the killing of his twin brother, Simon. Here, he talks about how restorative justice helped him to stop feeling like a victim. 

To read more about Nick's story, click here.


Paula's story

Paula became the victim of sexually harmful behaviour when a young man exposed himself to her. Here, she talks about why she wanted to meet the offender, and why other victims should have the same opportunity.

To read more about Paula's story, click here.


Jason's story

To read more about Jason's story, click here.


Annabel's story

Annabel didn’t realise how much being burgled had affected her until she came face to face with the young offender. Here, she talks about how restorative justice helped her to feel like her house was a home again.

To read more about Annabel's story, click here.


Emma's story 

Warning: this content describes serious sexual violence.

After leaving an abusive relationship, Emma was abducted and raped by her former partner. Here, she talks about how restorative justice helped her to regain control and rebuild her life after the attack. 

To read more about Emma's story, click here.


Ruth's story

When Ruth awoke to find her home being burgled, with her granddaughter in the house, she no longer felt safe in her own home. Meeting her burglar and finding a mutual understanding helped her move on.

To read more about Ruth' s story, click here.


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