Monthly Bulletin - April 2022

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Monthly Bulletin - March 2022

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Monthly Bulletin - February 2022

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Trauma and Restorative justice

Author | Moore, E (2022). Trauma and Restorative justice. In Phil Willmot, Lawrence Jones, Trauma-Informed Forensic Practice.  London: Routledge

APPG Letter to Secretary of State regarding Victims Bill Consultation

3rd February

Re: Victims’ Bill Consultation and Restorative Justice

Dear Secretary of State,

I am writing on behalf of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Restorative Justice, which I chair in response to the Victims’ Bill consultation.

Policy Briefing - Victims Law Consultation

This briefing paper gives you the background to the consultation and sets out the response the Restorative Justice Council has made to it. 

Monthly Bulletin - January 2022

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Building a Restorative and Sustainable City

Monthly Bulletin - December 2021

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Restorative Justice Applications in Mental Health Settings - Pathways to Recovery and Restitution

Author | Drennan, G (2018).  Restorative justice applications in mental health settings – pathways to recovery and restitution. In J. Adlam, T. Kluttig & B. X.