APPG Inquiry Report 2021

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Restorative Justice have published the report of their inaugural Inquiry which took place over the summer 2021. The Inquiry, titled ‘Restorative Practices in 2021/22’ sought to assess where the sector is at the moment, and what steps could be taken to improve and coordinate the various services to improve outcomes for victims and offenders. The Inquiry marked the first major piece of work for the APPG, which was only constituted in April 2021.

This Inquiry has brought together over 50 leading practitioners and exponents of restorative practices to assess the current state of the sector and how government can help make the sector more accessible.

Astonishingly there was over 200,000 words of evidence submitted and the recommendations reflect the incredible passion there is for restorative justice. We are very hopeful that most in Westminster will recognise the enormous benefits of rolling out restorative practices in the UK and support the Inquiry’s recommendations in full.

The Inquiry makes nine key recommendations arrived at following the gathering of evidence in the Inquiry.

Download the report below

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