Accredited Practitioner Award Standards

The accreditation process is based on the core restorative practice National Occupational Standards (NOS) developed by Skills for Justice (see Appendix). NOS are statements of good practice which relate to functions carried out in the workplace. They describe what an individual needs to do, know and understand in order to carry out a particular job role or function.

Unit 1: Assess the circumstances of an incident towards identifying a restorative response.

1.1 Obtain and review information relating to incidents.

1.2 Assess the potential benefits and risks associated with progressing a restorative response.

1.3 Explore situations where there are complex and sensitive issues.

Unit 2: Engage with participants and prepare participants for a restorative process.

2.1 Identify and engage with participants.

2.2 Agree a choice of restorative process.

2.3 Prepare participants for a restorative process.

Unit 3: Facilitate participants’ interaction within a restorative process.

3.1 Relay and share information as part of the indirect process.

3.2 Facilitate face to face meetings.

3.3 Oversee the process and agree the way forward.

Unit 4: Evaluate the outcomes from a restorative process.

4.1 Evaluate the outcomes from a restorative process.

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