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Could social finance be the future of restorative justice?

5 October 2015

I recently had an informal meeting with the Cabinet Office to discuss social impact bonds. It was purely an exploratory discussion, as part of our work to help the restorative practice field develop and grow.

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Restorative justice and sexual violence

21 September 2015

Last week I attended Restorative Gloucestershire's excellent annual conference. Not only was it great to hear about their work and meet some of their very impressive volunteers, but it was also an opportunity to hear Rosalyn Boyce speak.

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A restorative response to underage sexting?

7 September 2015

Last week a case involving a boy who sent a naked picture of himself to a schoolmate, and the subsequent involvement of the police, made the news.

When the police became aware that this incident had occurred they had little choice but to record it as a crime. The boy hasn’t been charged but his involvement in this incident is now on police records and may therefore be accessible if anyone requests an advanced criminal record check. This is far from ideal, but it’s hard to see what else the police could have done in these circumstances.

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Proceeding with caution

24 August 2015

A couple of weeks ago the Howard League launched a campaign focused on the new criminal courts charge, which is imposed on anyone convicted of an offence regardless of their capacity to pay. Through this campaign they have highlighted examples of cases where offenders have faced steep financial penalties for relatively minor crimes. The media has also recently focused on the case of Louisa Sewell, who was given a £328.75 fine for stealing a packet of Mars Bars.

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Harnessing parent power for restorative schools

10 August 2015

As my daughter moves through the primary school where I'm also a governor, I’m becoming increasingly aware of the challenges of imposing discipline positively and constructively in a school environment, while also addressing the concerns of parents whose children have been affected by problematic behaviour.

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What does a restorative society look like?

27 July 2015

At the RJC, our vision is that everyone should live in a genuinely restorative society. But what would this really mean in practice? Would it be like everyone moving to Hull (figuratively at least), probably the best known restorative city? Or is there more to it than that?

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Restorative justice in prisons - where there’s a will, but no way

13 July 2015

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited by Prison Fellowship to attend a session of their Sycamore Tree programme. It was a fascinating insight into the work that they do with prisoners and a great opportunity to discuss with prisoners what they thought that they had got from the course.

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Standing up for restorative schools

29 June 2015

Under the headline ‘The school that says there’s no such thing as a naughty child’, yesterday’s Mail on Sunday contained an article on a primary school that - as is made clear in a more positive recent feature in Schools Week - is run on restorative principles.

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The Victims' Law – an opportunity for restorative justice?

15 June 2015

Tucked away in last month’s Queen’s Speech was the line “Measures will be brought forward to increase the rights of victims of crime”. This confirms that the promise contained in the Conservative manifesto to introduce a new Victims’ Law will be delivered during the current parliamentary session.

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Remembering Nils Christie

1 June 2015

I first became interested in restorative justice when I was a masters student studying criminal justice policy at the LSE. Each week the course covered a topic and top of the reading list in the week focused on restorative justice was Nils Christie’s legendary 1977 article Conflicts as property. In that year I read countless academic articles, but it is probably the only one that I can remember with any clarity. It is certainly the only one that directly affected my future career choices.