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Should there be a restorative response to sexual harassment?

13 February 2017

Last week, following the Article 50 vote in the House of Commons, it was widely reported that the secretary of state for Brexit, David Davis, tried to kiss the shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, who had reluctantly supported the government’s Bill. In response, she reportedly told him to ‘fuck off’.

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Why stories matter

16 January 2017

Last week, a Westminster Hall debate was held on the report of last year’s Justice Select Committee inquiry on restorative justice. For readers not familiar with the intricacies of parliamentary procedure, Westminster Hall debates provide an opportunity for MPs to debate an issue and get a response from a government minister. While they may not directly lead to change, they do provide an update on the government’s views.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

19 December 2016

It’s the week before the Christmas break, and I’m sure that none of my regular readers (hello to my mum and the people who are paid by the RJC to read this) want another lengthy policy-based diatribe when everybody is already thinking about the holidays.

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Victims of child sexual abuse and restorative justice

5 December 2016

Last week the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse published the first personal accounts from survivors who have taken part in their Truth Project, which provides a safe environment in which survivors of child sexual abuse can share their experiences. Unsurprisingly, they make harrowing reading.

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Celebrating International Restorative Justice Week

21 November 2016

This week is International Restorative Justice Week. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the progress made in the restorative practice field in the last year, to look forward to what’s coming up in the future, and to celebrate the great restorative work going on around the country.

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Restorative prisons - an idea worth exploring

20 November 2016

If there’s one thing that almost everybody can agree on at the moment, it’s that the prison system is in a mess. The Justice Secretary recently described a “toxic cocktail of drugs, drones and mobile phones that are flooding our prisons, imperilling the safety of staff and offenders and thwarting reform”.

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Prison reform - what's in it for restorative justice?

8 November 2016

The criminal justice world was dominated last week by the publication of Prison Safety and Reform, the long-awaited Ministry of Justice White Paper. After the promise of the Gove era, these proposals are intended to set out how his successor, Liz Truss, will deliver what the then Prime Minister David Cameron described earlier this year as “the biggest shake-up in the way our prisons are run since the Victorian times”.

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CRCs and restorative justice – the story so far

24 October 2016

The Financial Times recently reported that the delivery of probation services is in trouble, with the contracts awarded to private companies to manage Community Rehabilitation Companies branded ‘lossmaking and unsustainable’. This is barely news – CRCs have been expressing concerns about caseloads and costs for some time.

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How can we create safer prisons?

5 October 2016

On Sunday, the always well informed James Forsyth reported that there is ‘mounting concern at the top of government about how close to meltdown the prison system is’. This is hardly a surprise. Report after report in the last few months has highlighted the perilous state of the prison system, while recent prison statistics make grim reading.

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What should the Home Office’s priorities be on restorative justice?

19 September 2016

As with the Ministry of Justice, the subject of a previous blog, the whole ministerial team at the Home Office changed before the summer, with a fresh face in every ministerial position. Yet, with the previous Home Secretary now in Downing Street, we can reasonably expect more continuity in Home Office policy than in many other departments. Amber Rudd will want to make her mark as Home Secretary, of course, but it’s hard to see a radical reshaping of her predecessor’s agenda.