Blog: Apr 2022

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IVSTITIA case management system - "myRJ" formally endorsed by the RJC

James Simon
25 April 2022

IVSTITIA was founded in 2013 by experts from law enforcement agencies, education and correctional institutions across the globe with years of experience in Restorative Intervention and Practice. In partnership, and with investment from, the Ministry of Justice and the Restorative Justice Council, IVSTITIA have developed myRJ - a case management system that enables a collaborative, multi-agency approach.

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Restorative justice and anti-social behaviour

1 April 2022

Yesterday the press reported on the Government response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, submitted by the Liberal Democrats.

Anti-social behaviour: Two million police reports go unattended - BBC News

The publicity drew attention to the main finding of the FOI request, which was that nearly two million anti-social behaviour (ASB) reports have gone unattended by 34 police forces in England and Wales over the past three years.