Blog: Mar 2022

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Orcuma case management system - "FIRsT" formally endorsed by the RJC

James Simon
29 March 2022

Orcuma is a software company with extensive knowledge of public and not for profit sector working and IT implementation. Their safer communities software, FIRsT, has been designed for multi-agency case working and is extremely configurable, enabling each Organisation to capture their specific operational data. The RJC have worked alongside the Orcuma team to develop a standardised version of their FIRsT software which adheres to our Registration Framework standards and Practice Guidance requirements.

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Language Barriers in the Criminal Justice System

28 March 2022

The report of an important research project on language barriers in the criminal justice system (CJS) was launched at an online event on 15 March 2022. The report focusses on the needs of those for whom English is a second or additional language, often abbreviated to ESL or EAL.  

A recording of the event is available on You Tube. Language Barriers in the Criminal Justice System: Research and Practice - YouTube