Blog: Sep 2017

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Restorative practice in schools: developing responsibility over conformity

27 September 2017

The question of discipline in schools is in the media again. The focus point for the debate is a recently reopened academy in Great Yarmouth, which has introduced new behaviour guidelines to improve pupil performance. The leaked guidelines were viewed by some parents and commentators as ‘draconian’, and prompted several requests from parents to transfer children out of the school.

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Strengthening democracy through restorative practice – empathy, power and a sense of self

14 September 2017

This blog is the first of a new RJC blog series highlighting how restorative practice connects with some of the big themes of the day. In this first blog of the series, the RJC’s interim chief executive, Chris Straker, reflects on the links between democracy and restorative practice.

Tomorrow is International Day of Democracy, with a theme of ‘democracy and conflict prevention’. This provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on the vital, but often overlooked, role of restorative practice in strengthening democratic involvement.

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Look for where the circles intersect - a comment on the Lammy Review

8 September 2017

David Lammy’s review of the treatment of, and outcomes for, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) individuals in the criminal justice system was published today. Lammy raises important points on the disproportionality of BAME people within the criminal justice system. However, it is disappointing that restorative justice receives so little discussion within the review.