Registered Restorative Organisation - Large

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Registered Restorative Organisation with the RJC.

In order to apply for Registration you will need to hold a current RJC Organisational or Charitable Membership. 

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Below you will find further details of how your organisation can become registered with the RJC.

Who should apply for Registered Restorative Large Organisation status?

A Restorative Organisation works restoratively but does not necessarily undertake restorative processes outside of their organisation. This could be, for example, a local authority, a school academy trust, a group of care homes or large multi-site workplace environment, Including NHS partnerships with multiple departments.

What are the benefits of applying for Registration?

There are many benefits to becoming a Registered Restorative Organisation, which include:

  • Building trust in your organisation and the services you offer
  • Demonstrating your organisation has been assessed against our restorative framework as competently creating and delivering a restorative ethos that is responsive to it's stakeholder needs
  • Placing your organisation on our practice register, demonstrating you are working to best practice standards as an aspirational organisation
  • Access to events and networking opportunities with other Registered Restorative Organisations
  • Providing opportunities to influence practice relevant to your sector

The Assessment Process

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The RJC Registered Restorative Organisation Framework

This Framework sets out how a restorative organisation should work. We have been careful to ensure that it does not constrain practice or hamper creativity and the need for services to develop and exercise their professional judgement. This Framework has been designed to be flexible so that it applies across different types of restorative practice without being overly prescriptive.  

The Framework is broken into six performance indicators with each indicator consisting of a number of standards which outline the requirements organisations are required to evidence.

1 - Leadership

1.1 - Building a restorative community

1.2 - Embedding restorative practice within strategic and operational planning

1.3 - Processes are in place to evaluate the impact of restorative practice

2 - Policies and Procedures

2.1 - Organisational policies and procedures promote safe and effective practice

2.2 - Arrangements are in place to ensure compliance with organisational policies and procedures

2.3 - Arrangements are in place for reviewing organisational policies and procedures

3 - Training and development

3.1 - Staff are trained to a level commensurate with their role 

3.2 - Restorative practice is included within the organisation’s induction procedures

3.3 - Organisational commitment to continued professional development

4 - Support and supervision

4.1 - Provide opportunities for practice supervision

4.2 - Provide opportunities to network with other restorative organisations

5 - Delivering indirect and informal restorative practice*

5.1 - Identifying appropriate restorative interventions

5.2 - Risk and safety assessment

5.3 - Preparing participants

5.4 - Facilitating indirect and informal restorative practice

5.5 - Facilitating and monitoring agreed outcomes

6 - Maintaining professional standards

6.1 - Adhering to the RJC’s Organisation Code of Practice

You can download the Restorative Organisation Registration Framework Criteria for each level below:

Registered Restorative Organisation - Large Framework

*Some organisations may have practitioners who are leading direct or formal restorative processes. If this is the case, the organisation should also apply for Practitioner Registration for each of the individuals undertaking direct restorative work.

Practitioner Registration requirements can be viewed by CLICKING HERE

The Registration Process

As all organisations are different, the RJC will need to take a bespoke approach to your assessment. This will ensure that we feel confident that your organisation fully meets the criteria set out in our framework. This means that there will be core departments that will form part of every organisation’s assessment, but also there may be additional departments/services where further evidence is required.

To help us understand your organisation and the associated assessment requirements, we can arrange a free scoping meeting where we will talk through your organisation’s type and structure. Following this we will then provide you with a no obligation quote.

Please submit your expression of interest HERE

If you then decide to proceed, we will send you all the information that you need to get started. 

You will be required to submit several pieces of evidence demonstrating how you meet our registration standards. This consists of 4 key elements:

  • Registered Restorative Organisation Portfolio Record
  • Departmental Evidence Portfolio Record (s) 
  • Practitioner/Employee Practice Statement (s)
  • A Signed copy of the Registered Restorative Organisation Code of Practice

You will be provided with a copy of the RJC's Registered Restorative Organisation Application Guidance which will support you in providing the evidence required.

Once you have gathered your main organisational and departmental evidence portfolios along with your practitioner/employee practice statement evidence, you will need to submit your documents for assessment.

Your assessor will review the documentation provided and may contact you to request additional evidence or to arrange a suitable time to discuss the evidence provided.

You will receive an assessment report from your assessor which will outline whether your application for registration has been successful. If you are awarded Registered status, your organisation will be added to our Practice Register and you will receive your Registered Restorative Organisation certificate and logos.

If your application is unsuccessful, your assessor will explain in detail why this is the case.

Assessment Fees

The cost of Assessment is:

Base Registration Assessment


Additional Days Required*


*Additional assessment days will be calculated at the scoping meeting, based on the number of departments we are required to assess

Restorative Organisation Registration is valid for 1 year and is subject to annual renewal

Maintaining your registration

To maintain your Registered Status each year, you will need to continue to hold a valid RJC Organisational Membership as outlined below:



3 Year

Large Organisation



Small Organisation – 5 or less FTE



Large Charity



Small Charity



In addition, Organisations will also need to submit an Annual Monitoring Report and pay the required renewal fee outlined below:

Annual Registration Renewal fee

20% of your Initial assessment fee