Registered Case Supervisor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Registered Case Supervisor with the RJC.

In order to apply for Registration, you will need to hold a current RJC Individual Membership. 

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Below you will find further details of how you can become registered with the RJC.

Who should apply to become a Registered Case Supervisor?

Case Supervisor Registration is available to RJC Advanced Registered Practitioners or those who can demonstrate that they have practiced at an Advanced level (in line with our Registered Practitioner Framework) for at least 2 years.

What are the benefits of applying for Registration?

There are many benefits to becoming a Registered Practitioner, which include:

  • Building public trust in your Case Supervision practice
  • Demonstrating you have met national standards set out in our restorative framework 
  • Demonstrating your commitment to developing your practice
  • Placing you on our practice register, demonstrating you are working to best practice standards 
  • Increasing your opportunities for building your own external supervision offer
  • Access to free CPD events, networking and sharing best practice with other Registered Case Supervisors through our Peer Supervision Group Forums
  • Access to support to continually develop your practice
  • Providing additional opportunities to influence practice at local and national level

The RJC Case Supervisor Registration Framework

The Framework sets out how people providing case supervision to restorative practitioners working within the criminal justice field should work. It puts the values of restoration, impartiality, safety and empowerment at the heart of case supervision. The Framework is broken into seven performance indicators with each indicator relating to a specific aspect of case supervision:

  • Training, skills and experience
  • Providing safe and responsive supervision
  • Understanding and applying restorative values, principles and good practice
  • Managing risk throughout a restorative process
  • Supporting practitioners to develop
  • Supporting the quality assurance process
  • Maintaining professional standards

Each indicator consists of a number of criteria which outline the requirements in terms of skills, knowledge and application. Applicants are required to demonstrate throughout the assessment process how they meet each of the criteria.

The Registration Process

To assess your practice against the Registered Case Supervisor Framework, you will be required to provide a range of evidence to demonstrate how each indicator is being met. Your evidence will be gathered through the following methods:

Practitioner Portfolio Record

Assessor Professional Discussion

Case Supervisor Code of Practice

Once you have gathered your evidence, you will need to submit your portfolio for assessment. Your assessor will review the documentation provided and may contact you to request additional evidence. Once the initial assessment is completed, your assessor will invite you to arrange a suitable time to discuss the evidence provided.

Once the assessment process is completed, your assessor will provide you with feedback on whether your application for registration has been successful. If you are awarded Registered status, you will be added to our Case Supervisor Register and you will receive your Registered Case Supervisor certificate and logos. If your application is unsuccessful, we will explain in detail why this is the case.

Assessment Fees

The cost of assessing your Registered Case Supervisor application is:



Case Supervisor Registration is valid for 1 year and is subject to annual renewal.

In order to apply for Registration you will need to hold a current RJC Individual Membership, 2 options are available depending on your status, more information can be found HERE

Maintaining your registration

The annual cost for maintaining your Registered Case Supervisor status is:

Annual Registered Case Supervisor Renewal


 *Please note that you must hold a valid Individual Membership to retain your status. The cost of this varies according to your membership type. You will receive separate reminders and be invoiced separately for your membership and award each year.

Next Steps

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