Professional development

We are committed to supporting practitioners in developing and enhancing the quality of their practice. This is why we have made Training and Development central to all our Practice Registration Frameworks.

For Service Providers and Restorative Organisations we have outlined clearly the level of training practitioners working at different levels require. We have also included robust Continual Professional Development (CPD) criteria to ensure that leaders provide opportunities for practitioners to keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

Training Providers can also apply for registration, we have also outlined with our Practice Guidance 2020, the minimum requirements for all levels training being offered to practitioners. Registered Training Providers, can also apply for Course or Qualification Approval, look out for the RJC Approved Course logo when applying for training or CPD opportunities.

Practitioners can apply for registration at a level commensurate with their role, level of training and practice experience as outlined below:

Level of Practice In practice is likely to: Minimum Training Required



have limited or no case experience or does not lead on facilitating restorative processes

co-facilitate a range of informal / indirect and direct restorative processes with guidance and support from an intermediate or advanced practitioner

undertake basic casework with guidance and support from an intermediate or advanced practitioner. This could include making initial contact with potential participants  

Has completed a minimum of 3 day Facilitation training


lead facilitator for direct restorative processes without the need for significant guidance or support

co-facilitate complex and sensitive cases with guidance and support from an advanced practitioner

mentor and support foundation practitioners develop their practice

Has completed, as a minimum, sensitive and complex case training and actively seeks training opportunities in specialist areas



lead facilitator for restorative processes involving cases of all levels of complexity

perform a variety of casework or restorative processes and can apply a range of techniques in a variety of challenging contexts

mentor and support intermediate practitioners develop their practice

be an experienced and trained case supervisor

Has undertaken additional training, including case supervision and further specialist training in areas such as domestic violence, harmful sexual behaviour, mental health and relevant sector specific training to enhance their practice

Once registered, practitioners are required to demonstrate that they have completed the following hours of CPD each year:

Foundation level practitioners: 6 hours

Intermediate level practitioners: 12 hours

Advanced level practitioners: 16 hours

At least 50% of this activity must be RJC approved CPD or training.


Find RJC Approved training, and CPD activities HERE



Members and Registered Practitioners Downloads are available on our Guidance and other resources page